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 Jim Marak's Testimonials

Chester H. McCall
Associate Dean, Education
Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Pepperdine University
6100 Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90045
To whom it may concern:
Jim Marak of Re/max Realty represented my family in the preparation for sale and sale of our Concord Street townhome in El Segundo.
 I had spoken with Jim during the two years prior to the sale of our
 home and told him that it was really just a matter of time.  Our
 family situation made it necessary for us to move out of a multi-level townhome and into a one level living situation.  When Jim came by we discussed what work should be done to maximize net cash and with his advice we lined up the contractors and handymen he referred and got the property ready for market in quick time.
 He discussed and charted for me the logistics of the sale process and
 some of the curves in the road that can take place as well as the
 band-aides that could be applied should any problems surface.  He
 explained to me that escrows don't just close on their own but rather
 that they most always need help and guidance on the way and that he
 would be there for me (7) days every week.
 When the prep. work was almost complete we moved into a (1) level home and Jim let in the contractors and handymen for the final tasks.  The townhome was brought on the M.L.S. and Jim's website and it sold for a record breaking price.  Jim made sure the townhome was locked up each afternoon as we had moved a few cities to the north. He made sure the windows were all shut and the lights were turned was the
 rainy season.
 I would highly refer Jim Marak as a broker to anyone buying or selling real estate...he was an information sharing, communicating, skilled and experienced man of his word...he was always realistic and honest with us and that meant a lot to my family.

 Chester McCall


Winter ‘2014 -‘2015


To Prospective Buyers and Sellers:

 My husband and I recently decided to sell our condominium in El Segundo, and we

 chose Jim Marak of Re/Max Realty to represent us.  It was one of the best decisions

 we have ever made!

 With Jim’s guidance, his vast knowledge of the real estate market, and his endless

 list of  contacts to take care of every repair necessary, we were able to get the

 property on the market in a very short time and list it at an appropriate price. 

The condo sold within weeks of the listing date.

We found Jim to be patient, trustworthy, beyond helpful, and always available to 

answer any questions or solve any problems we had.  Without question, Jim Marak

is the best realtor we have ever worked with.


Robert and Patricia Hanger


Dear Jim,


One more sate to your credit. Congratulations!

When I moved into El Segundo 26 years ago, I settled in happily to my new home and then began receiving regular mailings from you. I was pleased that you always provided information on recent sales in my building and the surrounding areas. Nothing heavy handed about your communications, just good solid information about the real estate market.

When I finally decided to sell a few weeks ago, I called you up in November and arranged to meet with you. You already had in mind a few potential buyers. Within a week, one was ready to make an offer and three days later the deal was made. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to happen as quickly as it did. But I am grateful to you. By New Year’s Eve I was out of my place and am now settling into my new home. Thanks to you the process was handled quite smoothly due to your excellent attention to detail and your sensitivity to the needs of both the seller and the buyer.

 I’m a very pleased customer and will gladly recommend your services to anyone seeking great service when faced with either buying or selling property in the South Bay area. Thank you for all the help you provided me, not just during this sale, but for all those mailing over the years that brought me to have confidence in you, your knowledge and your experience.


JoAnn Camperi, CMC 

One more satisfied customer!


February 2010


I can’t say enough great things about Jim Marak.  My wife, newborn, and I were looking to sell our condo in El Segundo and purchase a home in El Segundo.  Jim met with us and provided us with information instead of pressure.  Over the course of the purchase and sale, Jim was always available, knowledgeable, and provided sound and accurate advice. 


He helped us navigate the tricky real-estate market and was always ready to help.  Jim always had his client’s best interests at heart.  I recommend Jim highly!  He is the best.


J.L. and family


February 4th, 2010

Dear Jim,
I finally finished the moving.  I want to express my thanks for the help you provided during my house purchasing.  You are successfully represented both the seller and the buyer.  I am very happy during all the process and I like the house very much.

Thank you so much!
Yeheng Liu (Vicki)


Jim Marak


El Segundo, CA 90245


February 15th, 2008


To whom it may concern,


BACKGROUND:     It’s February 2008.  For the last year the real estate market has been falling.  New construction is down.  Sales volume is down.  Real Estate prices have been dropping.  Foreclosures are up. 


In this difficult market situation my sister passes away from ongoing cancer.  I was the executor and my Mother’s health was failing as well.  Soon I would have two houses to sell.  What to do.


TO THE RESCUE:     Shortly after my sister died, my Mother suggested that I call Jim Marak at Re/max Realty.  She remembered Jim from over (20) years ago when she and my Dad first moved into El Segundo.  Jim found them their first home.  She remembered Jim because “she liked doing business with him”.   I gave Jim a call and he and I had a sit-down meeting.  I can hardly believe it myself, but Jim sold both houses for me within weeks if not days on the market.


FOR YOU DOUBTERS:     You may ask…did you set the price too low?  Not the case, I paid for an independent appraisal, and the court ordered it’s own appraisal.  All the appraisals were close, with the court’s being the lowest.   Jim sold both houses within about (2) weeks of their listing at near their appraised values.  More importantly, HE SOLD THEM HIMSELF!   Jim put good deals together for both me and the Buyer of each property.  He was competent, helpful, pleasant to work with, and he really got the job done.  I highly recommend Jim Marak for your next purchase or sale!




Bob, seller of the Standard and Oak street properties.







To Whom It May Concern:


I'm writing this email to relate my very positive experiences working with Jim Marak in the sale of my condominium.

In 1999, I got engaged and wanted to sell my condo in El Segundo to move to Hermosa Beach where my new wife, stepson and I would settle.  At the time, the real estate market was rebounding somewhat and I had hoped at the very least I could break even from the price I paid for it in 1993.  I spoke to some friends who recommended Jim as THE man to sell my condominium.  Even then he had a reputation for being a customer-driven realtor!  After meeting with Jim the first time, I was convinced that he was the guy I was looking for.


Jim was very honest with me about the real estate market and where best to price my home compared to similar properties in the area.  I felt I could trust his instincts, so agreed with his suggestions and listed the condo at his recommended price.  He marketed the property exactly as he said he would and handled all of the open houses without my having to lift a finger.  With Jim's efforts, I got a favorable offer after only listing the house for a few weeks.  When the house sold, the inspector identified some areas for correction and Jim handled all the repairs through his contractors, again not involving me at all.  The entire transaction from soup to nuts was completely painless (unlike previous and subsequent property sales / purchases).  The success of the entire project was completely due to Jim's professionalism, attention to detail and patience.


I rarely give professional recommendations because I'm very exacting.  I TOTALLY recommend Jim Marak as both a realtor and a local professional.  He will handle all the details of your real estate transactions and leave you both worry- and problem-free in the process.

Tom Ranalli



To whom it may concern,


Jim Marak sold two properties for me in 2003.  I highly recommend Jim to
anyone interested in buying or selling real estate because of his
professionalism and personal attention as well as his high level of
experience.  One of the properties was a multi-unit income property and
there were many difficult issues involved with the sale that were
resolved by Jim.


His persistence and attitude were important to the process and positive
outcomes. When I purchase another property, I intend to use Jim as my
realtor.  If you would like to speak with me directly regarding this
matter, please feel free to call me at 310 871-5469.


John Naccarelli
Brian & Laura Wäag

Re: Jim Marak, Realtor
Letter of Reference
Our experience with Jim Marak as a realtor has been exceptional. He worked
very hard in finding us the perfect El Segundo home back in 1992. As young first
time home buyers, we were nervous and inexperienced with the real estate
market. Jim was very patient and took extra time in helping us understand the
ins and outs of real estate. In fact, there was a period in which we were calling
him almost every day and he never seemed to mind this barrage of questions.
His advice and information were invaluable. We have referred him to several
friends over the years who have also reported a very good experience with Jim.
Jim has lived and worked in El Segundo for many years and knows the El
Segundo real estate market like the back of his hand. We have turned to him
several times over the years for his advice on other real estate matters. In addition
to being our realtor, he has also become a good friend. We most confidently
and sincerely recommend his services.
Brian & Laura Waag
614 Loma Vista Street • El Segundo, California 90245


Letter of reference:


Jim Marak Broker/Manager, Re/max Realty, El Segundo Ca.


I have known Jim Marak for over 20 years. I met him during a period when I sold real estate with him in the same company.  Although I continue to maintain a current real estate brokers license and at one time owned my own real estate firm; I frequently choose Jim Marak to represent me when I buy or sell properties.

I do this because of Jim's professional conduct, real estate experience, and his attention to detail.  I personally know that Jim will respond quickly to circumstances and situations commonly found in real estate transactions that when left unattended can lead to disappointing results and/or costly consequences. In other words I feel confident that my best interests were thoroughly and professionally represented by Jim. He has my strong recommendation as a real estate agent.



David Johnson,

Lifetime El Segundo Resident and Homeowner


This letter is my personal reference to the outstanding relationship that we 
have had with Jim Marak and REMAX since 1989 when we first purchased our 
condo at 745 Main Street in El Segundo.


We have lived in Colorado for the past 9 years and over that time, it has 
been comforting to know that we have a reliable contact in Jim, who keeps us 
informed on market conditions in California affecting our California condo's 
current value.  While it has been more than a decade since Jim assisted us 
in the purchase of our first piece of property, being able to maintain a 
relationship over the years with Jim has been invaluable to us given the 
fact that we are out of state.


Jim has responded to our many questions through calls and email with 
promptness and efficiency. Our personal experince has been that Jim works 
hard to keep his current and past clients happy and informed. I would not 
hesitate in recommending his services and that of REMAX.


Best Regards,


Teri and Scott Howard
Evergreen, Colorado

 My first experience working with Jim Marak was 18 years ago when I purchased my home.

Jim handled everything for me and all I was required to do was sign the papers at escrow.

When it came time to refinance, I turned again to Jim.  He found an excellent deal and a

great person to work with to handle the re-fi.

Jim was friendly and hard working throughout both deals.  He was timely for all appointments

as well as with all paperwork.  He readily answered my questions and promptly returned 

phone calls.  He took 95% of the stress out of buying a home.


Even now, if we meet in the bank, hardware store or on the sidewalk, he remembers my

name and has a joke to brighten my day.


If I needed an agent for any type of real estate dealings today, I would certainly call Jim.

I feel he would give me his best effort and a good return for my investment.


 Althea Strahm

 950 Virginia Street, El Segundo


June 22, 2005

To whom it may concern:

It is our great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Jim Marak.  My husband and I have known Jim for over 7 years and had the pleasure to interact with him when he helped us purchase our first home in Pleasant Hill, California.   Since that time we have both remained close with Jim and are greatly aware of his excellent work as a Broker/Manager of Re-Max Realty.

What stands out most about Jim is his outstanding knowledge of accounting and real estate laws, his honesty, integrity, and ability to follow though on his promises.

He made the purchase of our first home a most enjoyable experience and eased whatever fears we might have had.  Since that time we have moved to New Jersey and are only sad that we could not use him as a broker in our state. 


Suzanne and Michael Pugsley


Dear Jim,


Many thanks for your expert guidance in purchasing our condo in El Segundo.

Your encyclopedic knowledge of El Segundo proved to be our advantage. Your estimates of traffic patterns, noise levels, and hours of sunlight were correct.

You helped us to find a home suitable for us in every aspect, and your advice proved to be wise and very valuable.


Please accept our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your assistance in our search for our perfect home.


All the best


Trevor and Antoinette Holliday

123 E. Oak Ave Unit 207

El Segundo


Jim Marak Is the absolute best Realtor in the business.  Several years ago I was going through rough times.  Having to sell the condo that I shared with my ex-husband, and split the proceeds with him.  I started looking for a new home, Jim was most helpful.  I would find vacant homes in the area where I wanted to live, telephone Jim and he would do all the research for me.  Finally I found the ideal home and Jim did all the negotiating for me.

When the Bank came back with a high counter-offer. I sort of went into a tangent..."the house is not all of that and it's in a declining area."  Jim listened and went back to the bank and negotiated a counter-offer within $5000.00 of my original offer price.  Jim, said accept it and I did.

 I have been in my home now 8 years, and the value has more than tripled.  I am still so appreciative to Jim Marak and I refer all my friends to him.

Sandra Neal



 Jim Marak

 Office Phone:310-322-1425